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Teaching In Thailand – Few Options for Foreigners

Teaching In Thailand – Few Options for Foreigners

Thailand is a small country but it is known all over the globe for its delicious food, pleasant weather and exotic places.

A large number of people visit Thailand every year and it attracts everyone to come back again. The country is so beautiful and has a rich traditional history, which force people to relocate to Thailand and take up a job. However, it is not easy to find a job in Thailand. According to the law of the country, a foreigner can take a job in Thailand only if a Thai national is unable to do it. So, common jobs like store keeping and working in offices are not available for the foreigner. So, if you want to take up a job in Thailand, it can be about teaching English or any other language which Thai people cannot teach.

Native English speakers are usually preferred for teaching English in Thailand. The same is true for the other languages. If a language teacher is required in Thailand, he must be native or have high proficiency in that language. Here, we will focus on English language only, as you can find some opportunities in this regard while for another language, options are really limited. There are different kinds of schools in Thailand, so everyone has different teaching requirements.

  • International schools: a large number of international schools are working in Thailand and they follow international curriculum. You can find British, Australian and American schools. International schools use English as a teaching medium and that is the reason they need all English speaking teachers. These schools offer jobs to the foreigners as well, but yet almost 50% teachers are local Thai people. These schools offer high wages, but they are present in just few big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. For teaching in these schools, you must have a TEFL certificate.
  • Private schools: These schools are bilingual schools as students get an education in the local language and English as well. These schools are well organized and quite formal. They also offer a good salary package with their teachers. The majority of the students here will be Thai. These schools are also found only in big cities of Thailand.
  • Government schools: Government schools are present in all the cities and even small towns of Thailand. The general condition of these schools is poor if we compare them with International and private schools. Some of them even don’t have basic necessities. Almost all the students in these schools are Thai and so the staff. They don’t offer good salary too, but if you want to know about the local Thai culture, they offer you the opportunity.
  • Temple school: every temple in Thailand has a school attached to it. But these schools are poorly managed and have very little funds. Children, who cannot pay school fee, go to these schools. They also need TEFL certified teachers and teachers have to work here voluntarily as they have no salary to pay to teachers.

This is just the basic education structure in Thailand. Teaching in Thailand is not really easy as kids are quite clever there. If you have taken up a teaching job in Thailand, go to your class with smiling face and look smart. It will help you to attract kids and you will be able to teach them easily.

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