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Learning Vietnamese


Learning a foreign language is generally deemed to be a great addition to any CV, given at the present time when the evolution in science and technology has led to an explosion of awareness and has contributed to an overflow of information that is available online, doing so is easier than ever. Now, why should one learn to speak Vietnamese? Well, why not? It would help you better understand Miss Saigon because as you learn to speak the language you would also understand their culture. Also, according to Citigroup, Vietnam has one of the countries with the highest economic growth in the World since 2000, another reason why Westerners should seriously consider this language. Although many westerners still imagine Vietnam through the lens of war, it is in reality a country filled with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. Today there are about 75 million people who can speak ... Read More »

Teaching Assistants – How’s this job like?


Across the world, departments of education are using the services of teaching assistants in classrooms from elementary school through four year college programs. The qualifications to become a TA vary widely by national education standards.  This is not a job that pays enough for you to establish an investment portfolio. A teaching assistant may find a job as a private tutor in Europe, teaching corporate employees in Asia or assisting college professors with undergraduate classes.  In the U.S., teaching assistant training is not required in 49 of 50 states.  In Europe and Asia, assistants are required to have certification or award training at a minimum. In the U.K., teaching assistants may be called educational assistants or classroom assistants.  In Scotland, they are called pupil support workers.  Work opportunities in Europe for assistants may be found in public schools, private schools or as personal tutors in homes. In Asia, teachers’ assistants ... Read More »

Technology in Education – How Does It Help?


As congress continues to cut support for schools, more local administrations are turning to the use of technology in education.  Replacing teachers with software has caused quite a stir.  While it may be cheaper, concerns about the impact such methods may have on the expected and necessary standards of learning lingers in dispute. The proponents of moving forward into the technological age stress the enrichment that such learning methods could produce for the students. The access to a comprehensive education for all students, ability to interact and understand the nature of a global environment and the opportunity to study scientific subjects not available in a local setting top the list of their arguments.  The International Society for Technology in Education is one group formed in 2009 that has been at the forefront of pushing for incorporation of these teaching methods. Those who challenge the use of technology in education, are ... Read More »